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Sternberg, T., Toktomushev, K. and B. Ichinkhorloo. 2021. The Impact of Mining Lifecycles in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. Routledge.

The Mongolian version of the book is available from the National University of Mongolia Press.

Academic Publications

Please contact the Gobi Framework team directly if you would like access to any of the below publications.


  • Sternberg, T.; Mayaud, J.R.; Ahearn, A. Herd It in the Gobi: Deserting Pastoralism? Land 2022, 11,


  • Ahearn, A., Darambazar, D., Hobbs, J., Ichinkhorloo, B., Purevsuren, B. 2022. The Belt and Road Corridor in Mongolia: Infrastructure Development and Impact Assessment. In Hobbs, J. and Juffe-Bignoli, D. (eds) Impact Assessment Approaches: Towards Development Corridors. For more on this publication see: Informational Flyer









  • Lezak S, Ahearn A, McConnell F, Sternberg T. 2019. Frameworks for conflict mediation in international infrastructure development: A comparative overview and critical appraisal, Journal of Cleaner Production, doi:



University of Central Asia (UCA) Working Papers

  • Aksarieva, N. Regional Development Funds: Understanding the Extractives in Kyrgyzstan. UCA. Working Paper, forthcoming


  • Abdrazakova, A. and Abdrazakova, N. The impact of COVID-19 on SMEs in Kyrgyzstan working with China. UCA. Working Paper, forthcoming





Social Impact Assessment Methdology Reports and Translations


  • “Methodology for Conducting Strategic and Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment” Translation of the Mongolian file (available on Mongolia’s Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism website) to English. Download the English Translation.


  • Tegshbayar, D., Baigalmaa, P., Purevdulam, L., Sanchir, J., and Bayarsaikhan, N. 2020. Report for the Government Working Group (Established by Order No. 28 of 2020 of the Cabinet Secretariat of Mongolia) on Social Impact Assessment Methodology and Legal Review and Recommendations for Social Impact Assessment. Монгол хэл | English Language Version


News and Op-Eds


  • Toktomushev, Kemel. Jan. 22, 2021. Anti-Chinese Sentiments in the Extractive Industry: A Central Asian Example. Link:


Truck accident on the road leading to the Chinese border outside of Khanbogd, South Gobi.

Knowledge Exchange Report

A Report on Benefit Sharing, Conflict Resolution and Local Collaboration, 18 December 2018, Ulaanbaatar

On 18 December, 2018, the Gobi Framework research team1 gathered 15 experts from Mongolian Government, industry, NGOs, and universities to discuss challenges and opportunities to benefit sharing, conflict resolution and local collaboration in the extractive sector. Discussion focused on understanding to what extent mining companies and government adopted international frameworks such as the IFC’s performance standards, ICMM Community Development Toolkit or World Bank Mining Community Development Agreements, amongst others. After examining a case study from Peru, the group reflected on the types of conflicts occurring in the Mongolian mining sector as well as current information sharing practices between mines and local citizens. This dialogue revealed the varied perspectives and experiences of companies, NGOs and government actors in Mongolia and produced insights around best practices for advancing more inclusive infrastructure development in Mongolia and beyond.

Media 18 March 2021. Н.Баярсайхан: Эрдэс баялгийн салбарт нийгмийн нөлөөллийн үнэлгээ хийх шаардлагатай. 

Montsame: 26 January 2021: Эрдэс баялгийн салбарын төслүүдэд үнэлгээ хийх асуудлаар санал солилцлоо

Mongolian National Chamber of Commerceand Industry: 14 December 2021: Компанийн нийгмийн хариуцлагын хамтын үзэл баримтлалыг танилцуулав

Project Newsletters

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Newsletter 1: September 2018 to March 2019

Download Gobi Framework Newsletter 1,  March 2019 here.

Batdawaa, Mongolia Research Assistant, interviewing in Omnogobi province.

Newsletter 2: April 2019 to September 2019

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Almaz Tchoroev, Research Assistant, doing fieldwork in Kyrgyzstan.

Newsletter 3: October 2019 to March 2020

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January 2020 training on research proposal writing in Ulaanbaatar

Newsletter 4: April to September 2020

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Research in Dalanjarglan soum for the development of national Social Impact Assessment guidelines.

Newsletter 5: Final Newsletter September 2021

Download the English Version of the Gobi Framework Newsletter 4, September 2021 here

Delgermaa Boldbaatar taking notes during a discussion session on the Mergen Boodii phone app with Dalanjargalan soum government officials.